You created a great e-Learning program.  Now, you need the voice over. 


Anybody can plug an inexpensive USB microphone into a laptop and start reading words in an echo-y room.

But that's the problem - it will sound horrible, and the learner will tune!

You need a voice over professional!

I have been trained to make the words come alive!  I can do many different styles of e-Learning voice overs - conversational, rugged cowboy, blue collar, guy next door, character reads like the overbearing jerky boss, and more!

And, in my professional home studio, I can produce pristine, broadcast quality audio!

Please, don't take my word for it.......


Check out my demos below!

Con introducción en español



It's Easy!


You send me your script, be it for a local TV commercial, a YouTube ad, a voice mail greeting, a training video, etc.  The script must be finalized.  


I send you a custom quote and we agree on a price.  I will work with your budget!  I generally charge 70% of what the large online voice over casting sites charge.  You'll be working directly with me.  There's no middle man, and I pass the savings on to you!


I record your script according to your directions, and I send you an audio file for your review.  We don't move on to Step 4 unless you're completely satisfied.  I operate in good faith - if you're not happy, you don't pay.  Period.


Once you are completely satisfied, I send you an invoice via WaveApps, which allows you to pay online via credit card or bank transfer. 

See, I told you it was easy!